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Chapter Reviews

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Taking options
Allow users to leave this Quiz incomplete and then resume it from where they left off.
Allow users to skip questions in this Quiz.
Allow users to jump to any question using a menu or pager in this Quiz.
If the user is able to visit a previous question, allow them to change the answer.
If the user is able to visit a previous skipped question, allow them to enter an answer.
Allow users to go back and revisit questions already answered.
Require the user to retry the question until answered correctly.
Instead of starting a fresh Quiz, users can base a new attempt on the last attempt, with correct answers prefilled. Set the default selection users will see. Selecting "fresh attempt every time" will not allow the user to choose.
Allow users to mark their answers as doubtful.
Show a message if the user has previously passed the Quiz.
Random order - all questions display in random order
Random questions - specific number of questions are drawn randomly from this Quiz's pool of questions
Categorized random questions - specific number of questions are drawn from each specified taxonomy term
Review options
Control what feedback appears and when. To display any per-question feedback, one of the "Question" review options must be enabled.
Multiple takes
Allow users to take this Quiz multiple times.
The number of times a user is allowed to take this Quiz. Anonymous users are only allowed to take Quiz that allow an unlimited number of attempts.
Display the allowed number of attempts on the starting page for this Quiz.
Set the maximum allowed time in seconds for this Quiz. Use 0 for no limit.
It is recommended to install the jquery_countdown module, and enable the option in Quiz configuration to show the time left to the user.
The name of this Quiz.
Before starting the quiz, the fields on this result type will be displayed to the user.
If this box is checked most of the Quiz specific settings you have made will be remembered and will be your default settings next time you create a Quiz.

Cast of Friends


She is from California.


He is from Guatemala.


He is from Nigeria.

First Five
First Five

Meet the original first five members.

Weekly Chapters