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1. ____________ is a gift of the Holy Spirit that leads to a devotion to God.

2. Piety is an expression of one's deep ____________ for God.

3. Religious men and women who dedicate their lives to praying are called ____________.

4. Contemplatives live in ____________.

5. ____________ had a special meaning to the Jewish people who had become disciples of Jesus.

6. The mountain was a special place ____________.

7. In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples about ____________ while they are together on a mountainside.

8. A ____________ is a person who learns from and follows the teachings of another person.

9. The Our Father is also called the ____________.

10. The Our Father has been called the summary of the ____________.

11. When we pray "____________," we do not pray to my Father, but to God as his children.

12. Praying "____________" indicates that God is glorious and majestic.

13. ____________" indicates that we live in hope and wait for the day when God's kingdom of justice and peace will come.

14. ____________ means "very holy" and "very honored."

15. We pray "____________ be thy name."

16. Our prayer "____________" indicates that each day and every moment we depend on God to give us life and what we need.

17. God's will is that all people be saved in ____________.

18. God has made ____________ the steward of the Gospel.

19. The most important responsibility of the Church is to care for and share with all people the ____________.

20. ____________ is the process of sharing the Good News.

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