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1. The ____________ outline our responsibilities to love and respect God, others, and ourselves.

2. The story of God's revelation of the Ten Commandments is part of the story of the ____________.

3. ____________ led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

4. ____________ is the food miraculously sent to the Israelites during their forty years in the desert.

5. The Israelites forgot the ____________ God had made with them.

6. God called Moses up on the mountain and gave Moses ____________.

7. ____________ fulfilled the laws revealed to Moses by God.

8. The Ten Commandments guide us in living the ____________ that God made with all people through Jesus Christ.

9. The first three commandments describe ____________.

10. I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange gods before me" is the ____________ Commandment.

11. The Second Commandment teaches us to use God's name ____________.

12. We use God's name in vain when we ____________.

13. Remember to keep holy the ____________."

14. For the Israelites and Jewish people today, the seventh day of the week is a holy day and ____________.

15. ____________ is the Lord's Day for Christians.

16. Sunday is the day on which ____________.

17. Taking part in ____________ on the Lord's Day is an important responsibility for Catholics.

18. Catholics also gather to celebrate God's love on ____________.

19. Celebrating holy days of obligation and the Lord's Day invites us to ____________.

20. ____________ is the virtue that helps us to maintain our confidence in God when difficulties come into our lives, rather than being overcome by the difficult condition itself.

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