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1. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to __________.

2. The title of __________ means Teacher.

3. The title of Rabbi is a title of honor and respect in the __________.

4. In the Bible, a rabbi is someone whom people trusted to help them understand and live __________.

5. A __________ is a person who learns from and follows the teachings of another person.

6. __________ was honored with the title of Rabbi, or Teacher.

7. When Jesus taught his disciples the __________, he was helping them to understand how to live God's law.

8. The __________ is another name for the Our Father.

9. When we pray "__________," we give glory to God who is All-holy.

10. When we pray "__________," the Holy Spirit works with us to prepare for the coming of the Kingdom that Jesus began.

11. When we pray "__________," we trust that God will give us all that we need to live as his children.

12. When we pray "__________," we trust that God will forgive our sins.

13. When we pray "__________," we ask God to help us do good and avoid doing wrong.

14. Jesus taught us to call God __________ in prayer.

15. When we pray to God the Father, we tell God that he is __________.

16. The __________ helps us to understand, pray, and live the Our Father.

17. __________ is another word for love.

18. Charity is one of the three __________ Virtues.

19. The disciples of Jesus came to believe that Jesus was the one sent by God to be __________.

20. Jesus was the one who __________ the Law and everything that God had promised to his people.

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