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1. Monica prayed for her son, __________.

2. Jesus' disciples asked him to __________.

3. Jesus said, "When you pray, say, -__________'".

4. The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray is called the __________.

5. __________ is another name for the Our Father.

6. When we pray "__________" we tell God that he is holy.

7. __________ means to do something wrong to another person.

8. The Lord's Prayer sums up the __________.

9. The Church prays the Our Father __________.

10. Churches are sometimes called "houses of prayer" and "houses of __________."

11. In the Our Father, we pray "__________ our trespasses."

12. Monica prayed that Augustine would __________.

13. Monica __________ Augustine when he went to Milan to hide from her.

14. When we practice __________, we follow the good guidance of a parent or of someone else who has the responsibility to care for us.

15. When Jesus was on earth, he spent time with God his Father __________.

16. Jesus taught people to pray __________.

17. __________ is believing that a person loves us and will always be good and kind to us.

18. Jesus sometimes used the word__________ when praying to his Father.

19. The word Abba means "__________ ."

20. The __________ teaches us to pray.

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