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1. A person who shows honor and respect to God and to people uses the gift of __________.

2. Saul was a __________ who became a follower of Jesus.

3. The Pharisees followed God's law __________.

4. Saul __________ to arrest Jesus' followers.

5. Saul traveled to __________ to bring Jesus' disciples to trial.

6. On the way to Damascus __________.

7. Saul fell to the ground and heard the voice of __________.

8. Saul went to Damascus and __________.

9. Saul became known as __________.

10. Catholic __________ are followers of Jesus who are sent to share his love beyond where they live.

11. Bishops, priests, deacons, __________, and laypeople serve the Church as missionaries.

12. The Church is one, __________, catholic, and apostolic.

13. One, holy, catholic, and apostolic are __________.

14. The four marks of the Church are __________ of the Church.

15. Jesus had women disciples such as __________.

16. Mary Magdalene, __________, and Mary, the mother of James shared the Good News of the Resurrection with the Apostles.

17. Edith Stein read about the life of __________.

18. Edith Stein was baptized and became __________.

19. Edith Stein took the name __________ when she became a Carmelite sister.

20. An image that describes how faith grows is the image of the __________.

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