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1. At the Last Supper, Jesus told his disciples "I tell you to __________."

2. Jesus said that the greatest way to show love for your friends is __________.

3. __________ is a sign of very deep love.

4. __________ promised to obey God.

5. Adam and Eve promised to obey God, but __________.

6. We call the broken promise of Adam and Eve __________.

7. Adam and Eve lost the__________ that God had given them.

8. The __________ is the solemn agreement and promise of the friendship made between God and his people.

9. God promised he would __________.

10. Jesus' second commandment is "You shall love __________."

11. The __________ teaches us to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

12. The Great Commandment has __________ parts.

13. We __________ only show our love for God.

14. We need to pray and tell __________ that we love him.

15. Jesus taught us that loving people includes loving __________.

16. Loving our enemies is not easy, but __________ helps us.

17. The __________ help guide us in living both parts of the Great Commandment.

18. The __________ teaches us to love God and love others.

19. God sent ______.

20. Jesus said that "_______" is the greatest commandment.

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